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  Wallasey Swimming Club-Goes High Tech!


The club has finally taken the plunge and aquired new calendaring & news tools that will bring the following benefits for the club and parents:


  • Live web based calendar events & newsletters
  • Choose to automatically send calendar events and news to your:
    - email
    - RSS News feeder

  • Print out calendars

  • Be automatically informed when changes occur

  • Under your control - you can choose to join or leave as you wish

  • Add events to your home, internet, or work calendar.

  • Get reminders of any event at a time you choose:
    - By email
    - By text message*

  • A totally free of charge service for browsing,email RSS etc. Please note if you use *Text messages, they may come out of your allowance or be charged at a nominal rate usually10p, but check with your provider or contact Dave

  • Totally free of advertising, spam and other nasties

  • No one has access to any email, phone number or other personal information

  • Your information is not shared or passed to anyone else

The calendar will keep you informed of all of the latest information - as it happens! View them from wherever you are that has an Internet connection, or on your iPhone
  How to join in? 


You can subscribe (it just means join - its free) in one two ways:


  1. Subscribe yourself by following the instructions over the page
  2. Either speak Dave Penketh or contact him by email (website@wallaseyswimmingclub.co.uk)  and we can add you to the list


Subscribing yourself is easy...


  1. For News www.trumba.com/calendars/wsc-polo-news
  2. The Polo Club also has its own calendar on www.trumba.com/calendars/wpc
  3. You will see the following screen
  4. Click on the ‘ Subscribe ‘ button
  5. Choose your desired method for receiving events and complete the boxes
  6. You can subscribe more than once with different email adresses:
    e.g. home, iphone, work, etc.
  7. It's that simple!
  8. You can view either of these calendars online using the address in steps1 & 2
To unsubscribe, use the link at the bottom of any of the emails you receive and you will be instantly removed. You can also contact us and we can unsubscribe you